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Capacity management starts with determining the capacity of the venue. The capacity of an event is determined by the available resources: staff available, time available, management expertise required.

Crowd management should be a proactive strategy when a crowd is reactive. Crowd control is only required when problems occur and should rather be prevented.

Crowd safety at events is related to space, the attractions, the environment, the surroundings. Any event requires effective management of crowd behavior.

Poorly designed layouts can cause injuries irrespective of attendance number. Includes small objects such as chairs and tables.

Managing crowd behavior Edit

Riots include various uncontrollable dangers.

Riots can happen for various reasons: if the artist cancels the show and the local promoter cannot take control of the situation. Or when the venue is sold out and people can't get in to see the concert.

Any crowd has the potential to cause damage. Panic can lead to a mob.