The Operational Planning Document is a physical document that establishes a series of clear goals with involved actions and plans, and the risks and their solution protocols that can happen at an event. Consultation with all staff is required to discuss the final document beforehand to refine all the stakeholder needs. Describe how a system operates and can be achieved repeatably.

The document should

  • include contact details to all relevant local authorities.
  • include a prediction of illnesses, injuries and fatalities.
  • establish a production schedule.
  • identify all the licences required for the event.

Environmental impact of the event should be assessed.

Risk Management Edit

The Operational Planning Document should describe the arrangements to assess, plan, manage and control the risks possible at a particular event.

The risk manager must ensure the completion of each of the steps. The risk manager is the person with the knowledge and expertise to predict which situations can be dangerous.

Visual inspection is the most effective method used to assess risk.

Required to determine the number of attendants. Demographics of the audience should be taken into account to classify the kinds of risk to plan for.