The Traffic management plan is all the arrangements for attendees to to travel to the event, and information on public transport.

It is best to keep as many vehicles as possible away from the site itself.

Access must planned to ensure there is no disruption to neighboring businesses or homes and clear access to emergency services and event staff.

Need to identify surrounding streets and landmarks.

Establish a traffic management plan with adequate parking space and disability access/exits.

Need to establish the walking distances at a festival, for example the time to walk between stages and campsites.

Event organizers need to arrange:

  • Adequate car parking space
  • Access for people with disabilities
  • Preferred access routes to the venue
  • Adequate lighting
  • Ensure pedestrians and vehicles are separated
  • Ensure emergency vehicles can access the event venue

Typical types of vehicles include

  • Construction vehicles needed to build and dispose of the structures
  • Supplies and maintenance vehicles during the event
  • emergency services vehicles
  • disable vehicle access
  • attendees vehicles
  • production vehicles
  • media broadcast carriers

Determine any road closures by your local government authority well in advance to the event.